Q: Does it come in 4 wheel drive?

A: The TOMCAR was developed to maintain a higher off-road cruising speed than commercially available four wheel drive vehicles can maintain. The driving characteristics have more in common with a dirt bike than with a UTV. The front of the TOMCAR is armor re-enforced and kept as light and tough as possible, thereby allowing the weight and traction to be at the rear of the car. Four wheel drive components in the front of the car would compromise the integrity and balance of the car, forcing it to slow down and crawl rather than float over the terrain. Years of development and testing have shown that this two wheel drive approach coupled with an on the fly lockable differential makes the TOMCAR more speed capable than conventional four wheel drive systems, especially on very aggressive terrain.

Q: How come the TOMCAR is more expensive than a UTV?

A: A conventional UTV is an extrapolation of an ATV and uses many of the same features and components; for example single or v-twin engines, low ground clearance and wheel travel etc. UTV’s also typically suffer from poor center of gravity and are made of mild steel along with other weaker materials. The TOMCAR on the other hand is made of expensive specialty steels including military grade armored steel to create a frame structure capable of lasting many times longer and taking much more abuse than a typical UTV could bear. TOMCAR also supplies a suspension system factory fit, that rivals $5,000 – $6,000 aftermarket kits for other vehicles, just this benefit alone puts the net cost of a TOMCAR lower than a similarly equipped UTV and the UTV still would not feature TOMCAR’s industry leading safety record, automotive engine, ease of use and extreme life expectancy.

Q: Is the TOMCAR Street Legal?

A: Currently TOMCAR doesn’t meet the federal requirements for LSV street legal vehicles.

Q: How fast does the TOMCAR go?

A: For 2010, all models may be speed restricted down to as low as 25 MPH with top end speeds of 55 MPH.

Q: What gas mileage can I get in a TOMCAR?

A: The TOMCAR with a gasoline engine averages 23 MPG. Please note: Fuel mileage can vary widely based on driving style and terrain.

Q: Can I work on the TOMCAR Myself?

A: Yes, the TOMCAR is built to be very easy and inexpensive to maintain and, if necessary, repair. Almost all the components can be serviced without the need for a lift or special tools.