The TOMCAR has always been, and always will be, a military vehicle at heart. Developed to be parachuted out of military aircraft for use in a variety of combat applications, the TOMCAR is an extremely lightweight, durable and highly maneuverable all-terrain vehicle that can handle almost any type of assignment. Tested and proven in some of the world’s harshest environments, the TOMCAR is durable enough to withstand continual use on any type of terrain under any type of conditions. Some of its various military applications include:

  • All-terrain patrols
  • Fast-track airborne special operations
  • Surveillance/reconnaissance missions
  • Transport and logistics
  • Unmanned/autonomous testing

In addition, this vehicle is highly customizable, so you can reconfigure the TOMCAR to support and supplement existing mobile operations or choose from a host of mission-specific options to ensure mobility and survivability. 

“The TOMCAR will enable the delivery of vital equipment to front line troops. It is designed specifically for rugged, desert conditions – which means it is well-matched to the operational environment in Afghanistan. It will be an added capability for troops at Forward Operating Bases in Afghanistan.”
Dr. A. Tyler, Ministry of Defence, UK

“The TOMCAR can be easily handled and very easily airlifted from place to place. It’s maneuverability, simplicity and adaptability make it very suitable. We’re very pleased with the suitability.”
Noam Segal, Gardium Unmanned Ground Vehicles, Vice President

“The TOMCAR was specifically designed to fit into a Sea Knight, Chinook or Sea Dragon helicopter, along with two other units to be strategically dropped into battle.”
All-Terrain Vehicle Magazine