TOMCAR’s Service Team, located in Phoenix, AZ is available to help diagnose and correct any issues you maybe having with your vehicle. Should you have a service request, please download and submit the Tech Support Request Form.

TOMCAR is designed with both durability and ease of maintenance in mind. Simple maintenance and repair procedures, whether they happen in the shop or in the field, are crucial considerations, especially for commercial and fleet users.

As an example, replacing the CVT drive belt takes just 30 seconds without the need for any tools. Also the vehicle uses interchangeable parts, making maintenance quick as well as easy. For instance, the front suspension shocks are a different specification to the rear but have the same shaft length. This means drivers need only carry one spare shock if any of the four need replacement during a long trek. What’s more, the shocks themselves are completely re-buildable and fully adjustable for both pressure and spring tension.

Similarly, from one side of the vehicle to the other, many parts are the same, such as the upper and lower A arms, steering arms, ball joints and all the hoses and piping. This all means that a fleet service department has to stock half as many parts as they would for a conventional vehicle, lowering overhead costs.

Recreational TOMCAR users can take pleasure in knowing that easy repairs in the field mean that the fun does not have to end if a problem arises.

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