Uniquely designed for accomplishing a multitude of tasks.



TOMCAR is a highly functional, extremely durable and surprisingly versatile machine. It’s ideal for commercial use under the most demanding conditions. Unlike any other utility or side-by-side vehicle on the market, TOMCAR was originally designed as a military operations vehicle, not as a consumer toy.



First developed for the military, many industries now take advantage of the durability and versatility you can’t find in similar vehicles. Commercial operators all over the world have discovered exactly what they need in TOMCAR’s unique specifications and capabilities.

Built for


Mining is a one of the most demanding industries due to its extremely tough operating conditions, constant abuse and the need for absolute minimum equipment downtime. The TOMCAR is the most durable product in the market designed to last decades above or under ground while operating under the most extreme conditions



TOMCAR has the safest, most versatile vehicles for disaster relief and emergency conditions. Our firefighting models can carry a 250 gallon tank, four litters, and other medical equipment.




Our Water Purifications are a unique, independent, integrated water purification system designed to produce high quality drinking water (per World Health Organization standards). It can produce potable water from any contaminated water source ( 22,000 GPD) or sea water (5,500 GPD).

Security And


Originally designed to patrol long distances, the TOMCAR can withstand continual use over extended periods of time in extremely harsh terrain. The TOMCAR is used by military and police forces around the world to perform a variety of different types of security and patrol duties.

Ranching and


When it comes to ranching and farming, no utility vehicle offers the performance and durability of a TOMCAR. Agricultural operations are extremely diverse, ranging anywhere from the spraying of crops to fence maintenance and repairs to the safe transportation of livestock – and everything in-between. For this reason, operators in the ranching and farming industry require a dependable all-purpose vehicle that can quickly and safely transport workers and materials wherever they need to be on the property. This ensures every job is accomplished in the most efficient way possible. Its long range and high operator comfort makes it an ideal vehicle for very large properties.



When it comes to oil and gas exploration, performing installations or tending to wells and lines, TOMCAR’s at your service. It can replace larger pickup trucks and specialty vehicles that are more expensive to own and maintain.


Camera Cars

Filming movies sometimes requires a vehicle as tough as the location and as intense as the action that will end up on screen. Enter TOMCAR. It’s electric vehicles allows productions to get the perfect shot uninterrupted by a noisy engine. Large payload to carry the heaviest of jib arms and techno cranes. Incredible stability which allows you to get smooth shots over rough terrains.

like a spider

“While side hilling, the TOMCAR grips terrain like a spider climbing a wall.”