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Only TOMCAR combines professional grade engineering with extreme dependability. Explore your world safely, reliably, and with the confidence to go anywhere, and back.

TOMCAR's immensely strong, fully-welded steel tube chassis and extreme heavy duty four-wheel suspension make for an aggressive vehicle like no other on the planet

TOMCAR’s extremely forgiving design makes it a simple and easy vehicle that anyone can drive everyday, everywhere, safely.


Unmatched. Extraordinary. From its origins as a fast, tough, off road military vehicle, TOMCAR has evolved into an ultra-functional, durable and versatile machine fit for commercial and private use in the most demanding conditions.  TOMCAR is designed and built to a professional grade standard, with a design that uses the highest quality materials and components. From its immensely strong, fully-welded steel tube chassis to its heavy duty four-wheel independent suspension, the TOMCAR is designed to be safe, rugged, and extremely dependable.



The TOMCAR can be easily handled and very easily airlifted from place to place. It’s maneuverability, simplicity and adaptability make it very suitable special ops platform


The TOMCAR is used around the world performing a variety security and patrol duties including border patrol, combat patrol, military police duty, prison guard duty, reconnaissance & patrol


The TOMCAR is a highly maneuverable, dependable and resilient mule vehicle designed to meet the rigors of military operations while transporting non-standard payloads to the front lines and back again.


The TOMCAR is the most widely used, active duty, platform for autonomous ground vehicles.


The TOMCAR has always been, and always will be a military vehicle. Developed and proven in some of the world’s harshest environments, the TOMCAR is a lightweight, tactical, highly maneuverable all-terrain vehicle that can handle any assignment.

Some of its various uses include:

  • Border and base patrols
  • Fast-track airborne special operations
  • Surveillance & reconnaissance missions
  • Transport & logistics
  • Infantry mule
  • Unmanned/autonomous testing

Reconfigure the TOMCAR to support and supplement existing mobile operations or choose from a host of mission specific options to ensure mobility and survivability.


TOMCAR offers the power, versatility and performance you need to get the job done right. The TOMCAR is a reliable, battle-tested utility vehicle ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.


Mining is a demanding industry which requires tough vehicles that can stand up to constant use and abuse. TOMCAR’s extremely durable platform has been customized for specific mining operations needs.


When it comes to all-terrain tourism vehicles, you simply can't find a more safe, reliable or durable option than the TOMCAR that even anyone can drive.


The TOMCAR serves in a variety of fire and rescue operations. Its high speed maneuverability over rough terrain and very high payload allows it to reach remote fires and out them out before they spread.


Unlike any other UTV or SxS on the market, the TOMCAR was originally designed as a tough commercial (and military) product and not primarily as a consumer toy. Its built to handle nonstop work for many years in a wide variety of environments, applications under extremely abusive conditions.

The beauty of the TOMCAR vehicle is its ability to be customized for a wide variety of jobs, normally replacing big, expensive, heavily customized pick-up trucks.  Its designed to be serviced in the field, quickly, without costing operators valuable downtime sending vehicles off site.

“It’s built tougher than almost any vehicle we’ve experienced, as noted by the bulletproof steel used throughout.” – ATV Magazine

TOMCAR has revolutionized off-road adventure. Get out there, through the outback, accross that creek, out to the desert, or through the mountains. Wherever you go, the TOMCAR will take you there and get you back safely.


It’s safe, affordable, and really, really fun. So pack up the kids, the grandparents and anyone else you can find and get going. The TOMCAR safety record is impeccable. With it’s low center of gravity and extremely forgiving design, anyone can drive it.

“Infinitely adjustable, dual-coil, hydraulic shocks absorbed the bumps with such ease that the passengers remain fresh at the end of the day, not bruised, abused, and tense like the poor saps faced with extended seat time in a typical side-by-side UTV.” - Russell Purcell, Canadian Driver Magazine


TOMCAR's frame is made of oversized, high-grade steel, fully welded to create an armored cocoon that can protect occupants from injury.


The flat, single-piece, aircraft-grade aluminum skid plate protects the vehicle's entire underside from rocks and stumps.


The rear swing arms contain double roller chains in an oil bath encased in armored steel which transmit engine power to the rear wheels.  TOMCAR’s torque forces the swing arms downward, lifting the rear of the vehicle which allows the TOMCAR to maintain its class leading ground clearance even under load.


TOMCAR is equipped with a 4 cylinder, rear-mounted gasoline or diesel engine. As well as being more muscular, TOMCAR’s power train have superior thermal management properties and are extremely dependable.


The drive train utilizes a Continuously Variable Transmission, which is a completely sealed unit but with the drive belt exposed. This means that unlike other ATVs, TOMCAR’s CVT unit runs cooler and the belt can be easily replaced in the field without tools.


TOMCAR's suspension is a fully independent front rear with dual coil, infinitely adjustable hydraulic shocks.


With TOMCAR’s whopping 15” of ground clearance, this vehicle is tall enough to float over rocks and debris yet still agile enough to scale stony hillsides.


TOMCAR boasts the highest payload in its class over 100% or 2000 lbs (TM 5 models)*


TOMCAR is designed with an extremely low center of gravity while maintain a high ground clearance and long suspension travel. This unique combination dramatically lowers the chances of roll over.


Powered by a choice of efficient, reliable gasoline or diesel engines, TOMCAR brings together the core values of an all terrain vehicle that is unmatched in the market. With its low center of gravity, long suspension travel, low vehicle weight and high ground clearance, TOMCAR is fast, maneuverable and drives like no other off-road vehicle. TOMCAR truly can go ANYWHERE AND BACK™.

Today’s TOMCAR is available in 3 models and with wide array of branded options and accessories.


The two-seat TM2 is the result of 33 years of building high performance vehicles for military and industrial clients, who demand reliability, durability and safety.


The TM4 delivers TOMCAR’s safety promise while doubling the fun. Grab your friends and head out on the trail in this true adult-sized four-seater vehicle.


The TM5 is the perfect blend of fun and function with all the features of the TM2 along with a 66-inch x 52-inch cargo box that can take up to 2000 lbs.** of payload. The 101″ wheel base and the adjustable dual-coil hydraulic shocks provide a smooth ride.