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This Slick All-Terrain Rig Takes You To The Max And Back For A Lifetime

Last spring, a colleague and I met at an Arizona manufacturers facility to look around and get to know them a bit. This company makes off-road vehicles of sorts- ones with extreme capabilities..

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These Are The World's Coolest Military ATVs

Everyone knows that the military needs to be able to operate in all terrain and in all weather. We all know how it is so much easier to cut across the countryside in an ATV, and that is no different for the military on the move.

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Prince Manufacturing and Tomcar will partner to produce the Tomcar TX

Prince Manufacturing, headquartered in Lexington, SC, has entered into an agreement with Phoenix, Arizona-based Tomcar to produce TX model multi-purpose vehicle. Iram Chavez, Prince Manufacturing CEO, recently stated that "The entire Prince organization is looking forward to working with Tomcar to...

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First Drive: The 2020 Tomcar TX Just Gave Us a New Benchmark for All-Terrain Vehicles

The boulder-strewn incline looked as if Sisyphus himself had been banished there. The probability of making it up without incident seemed negligible, but then I had never been behind the wheel of the Tomcar TX. The four-wheel-drive dynamo sliced through the rugged terrain of Southern California’s mountainous hinterland like a scalpel through gelato

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Drive Like the Israeli Special Forces With The Tomcar UTV

Many off-road enthusiasts often dream of being able to buy military vehicles to satisfy their needs of conquering the most demanding terrains, with the HUMVEEE, which eventually launched a series of civilian versions, being the most notable example so far.

The trouble is the general public can get their hands on such vehicles only when the armed forced organize surplus sales and, even then, the vehicles put up for sale are not latest-generation models. There is at least one exception, though: the Tomcar TX4 side-by-side vehicle which is now available for civilian use.

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Nearly-indestructible off-road vehicle manufacturer TomCar making its electric vehicles available

Phoenix-based TomCar Holding Co. LLC, manufacturer of the high-end, all-terrain vehicles for military, commercial and consumer users, is making its electric vehicle technology available for commercial use for the first time.

TomCar, which is run by the same Israeli family that founded it and is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, is the first to make an advanced, high-performance, 100-percent electric all-terrain vehicle offered worldwide, according to TomCar CEO Ram Zarchi.

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Giving Rise To A Bold New Car | TOMCAR

Last year the midwest short course season ended with lots of questions and left racers wondering what the 2020 season might look like. While racing in the midwest happens every year, there is always an underlying anxiety about what will happen next season… As one after the other, many failed series have plagued the midwest over the last ten years. At the end of last year, we learned yet another company will be trying their hands at running a midwest short course series.

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IAI launches Rex Mk II autonomous combat vehicle

The new vehicle is built in collaboration with all-terrain vehicle company Tomcar. Yarom says that its main use is for border protection - armed patrols along borders in difficult terrain, with advanced observation capabilities and rapid and accurate fire. He says that many additional applications can be assembled on it, such as sensors, drones, and more, and that this is one of the main trends in the world's advanced military forces for patrol missions and short-range fire management.

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Volta Power Systems & Grand Design Partner on Mass-Market Off-Grid Towable RVs

Volta and Grand Design debuted their partnership with an Adventure Without Limits demonstration at SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The demo included a Grand Design Momentum Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler connected with a Dodge RAM tow vehicle and TOMCAR TX4 electric ATV. A secondary 9000W alternator on the RAM charges a 40 kWh storage system on the rig while driving or idling. In turn, the trailer is upfitted with exportable power to recharge the TOMCAR.

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People driving a TomCar TX EV in snow.

Tomcar TX takes the UTV to special-forces-grade extremes

The TX series takes the UTV in a hyper-utility direction. Where others shoot for off-road fun and farming practicality, Tomcar has built these things to tow or carry at least their own weight, to survive parachute drops, to outlast anything on the market under the toughest conditions, and to be easily repairable in the field.

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